What is Wheels-Off Detailing?

Wheels-Off Detailing involves removing your vehicle’s wheels to perform a detailed cleaning and protection process on the wheels, wheel arches, and suspension components. This service is essential for maintaining the overall look and performance of your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Appearance: Achieve a showroom shine with meticulously cleaned and coated wheels.
  • Protection: Protects wheels and components from brake dust, road grime, and corrosion.
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Our process

Our Wheels-Off Detailing service delivers immaculate wheels and wheel arches, enhancing your vehicle’s overall look. This meticulous care results in a showroom-quality shine, extended component longevity, and optimal performance.

Step 1: Removal and Inspection

  • Wheel Removal: Carefully remove the wheels from your vehicle.
  • Inspection: Inspect wheels, wheel arches, and suspension components for damage or wear.

Step 2: Cleaning

  • Degreasing: Apply a high-quality degreaser to break down tough grime and brake dust.
  • Detailed Cleaning: Use specialised brushes and tools to meticulously clean the wheels, wheel arches, and suspension components.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

  • Rinse: Gently rinse all cleaned areas to remove cleaning products and contaminants.
  • Drying: Thoroughly dry the wheels and components to prevent moisture-related issues.

Step 4: Protection

  • Wheel Coating: Apply a high-temperature resistant ceramic coating to the wheels for enhanced protection.
  • Dressing: Apply premium dressing to wheel arches and suspension components to restore their appearance and provide protection.

Step 5: Reinstallation and Final Inspection

  • Wheel Reinstallation: Carefully reinstall the wheels, ensuring proper alignment and torque. Wheel nuts torqued to manufacturers specifications.
  • Final Inspection: Conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure every detail is perfect.

We use Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels & Body

Stain-resistance and ease of cleaning thanks to the hardness of the coating film are the most prominent characteristics of the BC-06 glass coating. This thin silica film made from perhydropolysilazane protects the car body and wheels from dust in raindrops that may penetrate soft paints or other painted surfaces and can be removed only with great effort. Thanks to the BC-06 protection washing is required less frequently.

BC-06 undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a painted surface, creating a hard glass coating. It has a tightly packed molecular structure that creates a solid, long-lasting surface. BC-06 is heatproof up to 1,300 °C – enough to protect wheels from burning-hot brake dust.

This coating is applied with a paint gun with a nitrous oxide propellant.

Modesta BC-06
Heat Resistance
Anti-Scratch Effect
Water Repellency
Self Cleaning Effect

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We have extensive experience in wheels-off detailing, ensuring every component is meticulously cared for and protected.

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We use only the best products to achieve superior results, from high-quality degreasers to premium ceramic coatings.

Attention to Detail

We take pride in our meticulous approach, ensuring no detail is overlooked and your vehicle receives the best possible care.

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