What is Pre-Sale Detailing?

Pre-Sale Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and detailing of your vehicle, both inside and out. This service focuses on restoring the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and addressing any minor imperfections, ensuring it looks as good as possible for potential buyers.

  • Increased Appeal: Make your car more attractive to potential buyers with a pristine appearance.
  • Higher Resale Value: A well-detailed car can command a higher selling price.
  • Buyer Confidence: Present a well-maintained vehicle that instills confidence in buyers.
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Our process

Our Pre-Sale Detailing service transforms your vehicle, making it shine inside and out. By thoroughly cleaning and addressing minor imperfections, we enhance your car’s overall appearance and appeal. The result is a vehicle that looks immaculate, instilling confidence in potential buyers and helping you achieve a higher resale value.

Step 1: Exterior Detailing

  • Hand Wash and Decontamination: Paint thoroughly hot washed and decontaminated.
  • Paint Enhancement or Paint Correction: As per request or requirement to remove paint imperfections and swirls to increase gloss and improve appearance.
  • Wheel and Tyre Cleaning: Wheels and tyres cleaned. Wheel arches hot washed and cleaned.

Step 2: Interior Detailing

  • Deep Cleaning: Vacuum and shampoo carpets, mats, and upholstery to remove stains and odours.
  • Dashboard and Console Care: Clean and dress all interior surfaces for a fresh, new look.
  • Glass Cleaning: Ensure all windows and mirrors are spotless and streak-free.

Step 3: Engine Bay Cleaning

  • Degreasing and Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the engine bay to remove dirt and grime, enhancing the overall presentation.

Step 4: Final Touches

  • Inspection and Detailing: Conduct a final inspection and address any remaining details to ensure the vehicle looks its best.

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We have extensive experience in pre-sale detailing, ensuring every aspect of your vehicle is meticulously cleaned and detailed.

Quality Products

We use only the best products to achieve superior results, providing long-lasting protection and shine.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach, ensuring no detail is overlooked and your vehicle is presented at its best.

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