What is Engine Bay Detailing?

Engine Bay Detailing involves a thorough cleaning and dressing of the engine compartment, removing dirt, grease, and grime. This service not only enhances the appearance of your engine bay but also helps in maintaining the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Appearance: Makes your engine bay look clean and well-maintained.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Helps in identifying potential issues early by removing grime and buildup.
  • Value Preservation: A clean engine bay can add to the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Protection: Protects components from corrosion and wear.
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Our process

Our Engine Bay Detailing process ensures meticulous care for your vehicle. The result is a pristine, well-maintained engine bay that not only looks impressive but also performs optimally. Experience a cleaner, more efficient engine, enhanced longevity of components, and a boost in your vehicle’s overall value.

Step 1: Initial Inspection and Preparation

  • We begin with a careful inspection to identify areas needing special attention.
  • The engine is prepped by covering sensitive components to ensure safety during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Degreasing and Cleaning

  • We apply a high-quality degreaser to break down tough grease and grime.
  • Using specialised brushes and tools, we meticulously clean every part of the engine bay, including hard-to-reach areas.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

  • The engine bay is gently rinsed to remove all cleaning products and contaminants.
  • We then use air blowers and microfiber towels to thoroughly dry the engine compartment, preventing any moisture-related issues.

Step 4: Dressing and Protection

  • We apply premium dressing products to hoses, plastics, and rubber components to restore their original look and provide protection.
  • Metal surfaces are polished to enhance shine and prevent corrosion.

Step 5: Final Inspection

  • A final inspection is conducted to ensure every detail is perfect.
  • We provide you with tips on how to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your engine bay.

Why choose us?


We have extensive experience in engine bay detailing, honed over years of dedicated service. We understand the intricacies of each component and use our expertise to deliver exceptional results that enhance both the appearance and performance of your vehicle.

Quality Products

We use only the highest quality products in our detailing process. These premium products ensure superior results, providing long-lasting protection and a pristine finish that keeps your engine bay looking its best.

Attention to Detail

At AusPro Automotive Detailing & Car Care Products, we take pride in our meticulous approach to every engine bay detail. Our thorough process ensures that no area is overlooked, delivering a level of care and precision that sets us apart.

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